NICHES Believes That:

  • The Northern Indiana landscape is home to ecosystems of native plants and animals that should be protected.
  • Access and connection with natural areas and open space improves the quality of people’s lives. People in our region should be able to live among sustainable, healthy, attractive landscapes.
  • Private landowners have an important role to play in helping to provide larger ecological and social benefits for the local community.
  • Fostering an ethic of stewardship for the land and water is an important step to achieving lasting protection of native plants and animals.
  • The study of our natural resources of our region contributes to our understanding and appreciation of the lands and waters.
  • The long term viability of our Organization is a critical component to being able to achieve our vision so that future generations can enjoy the same quality natural experiences as today.

NICHES Vision for the Future

(NICHES Strategic Plan Summary)

NICHES’ long-term vision:

  • Our region is a place where there are large connected areas of terrestrial and acquatic habitat which sustainable populations of native species thrive;
  • Local communities are integrated into ecologically sustainable, aesthetically appealing landscapes offering many opportunities for enjoyment of natural areas and open space;
  • Local communities have found ways to minimize negative human impacts on local ecological processes and take advantage of local environmental resources in a sustainable manner thereby improving region’s quality of life;
  • Multiple and diverse stakeholders from local communities are engaged in protection, restoration and stewardship of the landscape in an open and participatory manner.

NICHES Land Trust History


NICHES Land Trust
1782 N 400 E
Clegg Memorial Garden
Lafayette, IN 47905

Gus Nyberg, Executive Director
Mary Kate McKenna, Deputy Director
Bob Easter, Stewardship Manager
Brad Weigel, Stewardship Manager
Keeli Curtis, Clerical Assistant

Linda Prokopy, President
Dan Towery, Vice President
Bonnie Maxwell, Secretary
Bill McFee, Treasurer
Linda Anderson
John Burns
Tom Busch
Nancy Grenard
Nancy Litzenberger
Shirley McDonnell
Guillermo Pardillo
George Parker
Jason Rakoczy
Leigh Raymond
Pauline Shen
Matt Washburn