Fisher Oak Savanna Nature Preserve

The natural core of the 220 acre Fisher Oak Savanna is a series of black oak savanna dune ridges interspersed with pin oak flatwoods.

Pin oak flatwoods hold water in the spring and dry up later in the season.  Many rare plants and amphibians call these areas home.  This community is rare in the modern landscape and lead to this high quality site being dedicated as an Indiana state nature preserve.

NICHES is actively working on opening up the savanna by removing invading trees, brush and returning fire as a natural process.  The blueberry bushes, lupines and puccoon among others will all benefit from this work.

Interspersed and bordering the natural core are former agricultural fields that NICHES has partnered with Spence Nursery to restore high diversity prairie and wetland communities.   High diversity restorations next to exist natural remnants have been shown to have increased numbers of rare and declining animals.

NICHES maintains 2 miles of trail to explore the rich natural history of the site.

Interesting Things to See and Do

Before the Fishers settled in this area, its diversity of  wildlife attracted Native Americans. The sand ridge, in particular, situated above the lower wetlands and prairies, made a perfect spot for encampments. The Fishers and Etchisons have found a number of arrowheads in this area. There are two buildings on the property including an older farmhouse that was built by the Fishers early in the last century. The house is included on the Indiana Historic Landmarks Foundation list of buildings of interest.

How to Get There

To reach Fisher Oak Savanna, (if coming on I-65, get off at Exit 193) go north on US 231 to Wolcott in White County. About a half mile north of the railroad crossing in Wolcott, Highways 231 and 24 turn to the west. DO NOT turn west (left) on Highways 231 and 24, instead go straight ahead on 900 W about 6 miles until you come to an older white farm house on a rise on the left side of the road. (There is another house behind it.) Drive ahead 1/8 mile to the gravel parking area on the west (left) side of the road.

The property is about 6 miles north of the railroad crossing in Wolcott on the west side of Jasper County Road 20 E (an extension of White County 900 W) .



Vital Statistics

220 acres

2 miles of trails