Moyer Gould Woods

Moyer Gould Woods had been in the Moyer and Gould family since prior to the civil war. Early conservationists, the woods have been enrolled in the Classified Forest program for over 60 years. The family had a few light timber harvests on the property over the years.

With over half mile of Tippecanoe River frontage and 80’ hills overlooking the river.  Moyer Gould Woods protects outstanding scenery and wildlife habitat.

The property has three springs originating on the property as well as seeps, filled with skunk cabbage. In a few portions of the property conglomerate bedrock crops up with walking ferns and a variety of mosses.

Portions of the property were formerly grazed, in some of these areas there is a substantial garlic mustard population. NICHES will be working to eradicate this species from the site. Click here for information in regards to volunteering at this site and others.

Interesting things to see and do

The spring wildflower display is outstanding with large populations of dutchmans breeches, blue phlox, jack in the pulpit, red trillium, hepatica, mayapples, fire pink, etc.

The best time to visit for wildflowers is from early April through May.


How to Get There

Moyer Gould Woods address is 4620 N US 421

The lane to the parking lot is lined with Black Walnuts.

1 1/4 miles north of the intersection of SR 18 and US 421

Roughly 8 miles south of the US 421 bridge over the Tippecanoe River on the south side of Monticello





Vital Statistics

77 acres

1 1/2 mile loop trail

Gravelly slopes are easily eroded. Please stay on the trail particularly on the slopes down to the river.