Mulvey Pond

Mulvey Pond located a half mile north of US 52 on US 231 has long been known by the local birding community as a hot spot to see waterfowl in summer, snow geese in winter and shorebirds coming through in migration.  In fact, Mulvey Pond was the wetland that a pair of sandhill cranes first started nesting again in Tippecanoe County after being gone for many years as a summer resident. The purchase agreement that NICHES holds is for the eastern 2/3 of the open water and the surrounding uplands.

Acquired in 2011, we have started the process to diversify the upland pasture, planting grasses and forbs to enhance the prairie/oak woodlands existing on site. In the works are a viewing blind and to establish a hiking trail on the property as well.

Thank you to the following Organizations that have become significant donors to this property:

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