Pecan Basin Cates/Clawson Reserve


This 155-acre property on the Wabash River in southwestern Fountain County includes 3/8 of a mile of river frontage with mature floodplain forest. Bottomland fields, which had been in corn/ bean production at the time of NICHES purchase, were reforested in 2001, an upland section upslope of the Wabash and Erie Canal was reforested the same year.  East of the parking lot and across the road is a mature upland forest that still retains a nice variety of native plants.

A short section of the Wabash and Erie Canal cuts across the property north to south.  The canal portion has completely filled in, but the towpath is still present.

Pecan Basin was acquired in December, 2000, with the assistance of grants from the Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission, the Roy L. Whistler Foundation, and the Covington Community Foundation.

Ducks Unlimited reforested the bottomlands with the help of a grant from Cinergy Corporation. Pheasants Forever supplied native grass seeds for reseeding six acres of bottomland under the high tension power lines.

A half-mile paved handicap accessible asphalt loop trail leads from the parking lot to the corner of the old Wabash and Erie Canal and back. Across the road a and up the hill, offers a wonderful panorama of the Wabash River Valley.


  • Turkey Run State Parkis twelve miles southeast of Pecan Basin
  • The Indiana Department of Natural Resources’s Portland Arch, a dedicated state Nature Preserve, lies fifteen miles to the north.

How to Get There

From Perrysville, take State Road 32 east to Silver Island Road (the first road to the right). Follow the river south on this road for 1 1/2 miles to its intersection with Liberty Church Road, Pecan Basin’s southern boundary. The lowlands are to your right, the uplands to your left.

The coordinates for the parking lot are: N 40° 01.584′ , W 87° 25.103′.

pecan basin aerial oblique - Copy