Carroll County

Mussel Shoals

Mussel Shoals is an excellent example of riparian zones – stream edge to woodland. The myriad of wildlife and flora reliant on the stream make it an exciting habitat. The water levels change throughout the year, providing evidence of the variable nature of stream ecology.

After grabbing a sandwich and skipping some stones, the gravel bar is a good place to look for spent mussel shells while paddling down the creek. Pistol grip, three ridges and Wabash pigtoe represent species likely present. Forty two species of mussels were historically found in the Wildcat Creek but today only 33 species still call it home.

All mussels alive or dead are protected so look, take pictures but do not keep any shells that you find. On a paddle in 2014 found 22 species of mussels alive and recently dead were found in the water along Mussel Shoals.


  • Bird Watching
  • Fishing
  • Mushroom Harvesting Allowed
  • No Trails
  • Junior Ranger Activities

History of Acquisition and Property

Mussel Shoals 12 acres of Wildcat Creek wood frontage and gravel bar was donated by Martha Justice to the Wildcat Creek Foundation in June of 1995 and transferred to NICHES Land Trust June of 2013.

Noteworthy Information

Only accessible from Wildcat Creek

Number of Acres


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