Carroll County

Weaver Family Nature Reserve

Weaver Family Nature Reserve is an island on the Wabash River north of Delphi in Carroll County. The island includes a Great Blue Heron rookery with over 100 nests. Public access is via the river. Please do not disturb the herons during nesting season – late March through June. 


  • Bird Watching
  • Fishing
  • Mushroom Harvesting Allowed
  • No Trails

History of Acquisition and Property

The first property ever acquired by NICHES, the island in the Wabash River were a gift from the Dix Weaver family in 1996.

The property is named in the family’s honor.

At the time of NICHES acquisition, the north end of the island was home to a large great blue heron rookery with over 100 nests, and the south end of the island was home to an active bald eagle nest. The eagle nest was lost when a tornado swept through the area in early 2010s.

How to Get There

The only means of access to Weaver Family Nature Reserve is via non-motored water craft (e.g. canoe, kayak) on the Wabash River.

Noteworthy Information

Only access is via canoe or kayak.

Number of Acres


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