Jasper County

Shepherd Swamp

Shepherd Swamp is 10 acres of restored wetland habitat to abundant wildlife.  Calling leopard frogs, chorus frogs welcome spring at the Swamp in March/ April, when they can be heard after dusk as they attempt to attract a mate. Garter snakes slither through the grass searching for insects to eat, while red winged balckbirds call from above the swamp.



  • Bird Watching
  • Mushroom Harvesting Allowed
  • No Trails
  • Wildflowers

History of Acquisition and Property

Long before the swamp belonged to NICHES Land Trust, restoration and conservation were underway. In 1991, the final year of harvest was pulled from the field and the restoration of the Shepherd Swamp was begun. Tile lines were removed allowing the depression in the field to once again hold water.  The southern end of the property was planted to oaks and the intervening area to the south was planted to prairie. The prairie and wetland were burned frequently, invasive species were sprayed and cut and new seed was harvested from local natural areas to seed the plantings. Bruce and Carolyn Shepherd transformed the soybean field into a thriving wetland, an incredible accomplishment.

NICHES received the property as a full donation from Bruce and Carolyn Shepherd in 2008.

How to Get There

North from Rensselaer on US 231 for 5 miles, east on State Road 14 for 5 miles, north on State Road 49 3 miles, east on County Road 400 N for 2 ¼ miles.  The preserve is on the south side of the road, marked by a white preserve sign.


Closed in November for Deer Control Hunt


Gravel lot

Number of Acres


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