Jasper County

The Ranch

The Ranch is a diverse 10 acre sand savanna with upland ridges, sedge marshlands and emergent buttonbush swamp. The Ranch's mixture of habitats was donated with the intent of land being available to the public for their education and appreciation of the beauty of nature.



  • Bird Watching
  • Mushroom Harvesting Allowed
  • No Trails
  • Wildflowers

History of Acquisition and Property

NICHES obtained the 10 acre property in 2011 from the Jasper County Soil and Water Conservation District. The land was originally donated to the Jasper County Soil and Water Conservation District as a memorial to Ruth and James Robertson by the Wallace and Robertson families.

Situated near other conserved land, including NICHES Land Trust Shepherd Swamp,  Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area, and other Indiana D.N.R. sites, the Ranch is part of a large scale regional conservation area. The regional conservation efforts of public and private entities create a natural area capable of genetically connecting the native species for cross pollination of plants and ensures a genetically viable native plant population. The resulting habitats sustain wildlife populations of red headed woodpeckers, perseus duskywings and bull snakes. The region includes important habitats for resident wildlife and migratory birds, including Greater Sandhill Cranes.

How to Get There

The Ranch is located at 750 N and 300 E in Gilliam Township 31 North, Range 5 West, Section 22 of Jasper County. There is a wooden sign created by Dan Vanblaircom welcoming guests.   The Ranch has no parking area, so be careful when parking along country roadside, pull well off and do not obstruct traffic.


Closed in November for Deer Control Hunt


No Lot. Use caution when parking along country road side. Do not block traffic

Number of Acres


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